Two companies have achieved a milestone in sports timing with their Wireless Timing Network, yielding exceptionally accurate measurements.

Alge-Timing and software specialists clownfish information technology have developed a world first in time measurement. The two Austrian companies have produced a flexible, robust and highly accurate wireless timing system. The cooperation has exceeded all original expectations and the companies are several steps ahead of the global trend towards wireless timing.

This is a remarkable innovation, as sports timing with this level of precision has previously only been possible via cable. Photoelectric sensors, timing devices, scoreboards, wind gauges and starting guns can now communicate without cables via a worldwide “Wireless Timing Network (WTN)”. And yet they still achieve exceptionally precise measurements. The target was to achieve accuracy to the millisecond; the actual accuracy achieved is below 200 nanoseconds.

Alge-Timing (23 employees, 88% export rate) has been a serious international name in electronic timing devices for decades. The timing devices are used in almost every type of sport, particularly skiing, swimming and athletics. This is why Alge-Timing focused on the practical applications in the development process and in the hardware. clownfish, a company specialized in modern digital communications and complex embedded applications, contributed technological expertise and software development.