Aviation technologies from Austria reach new heights on the global market

With years of experience and top quality products, Austrian companies are some of the leading drivers of innovation in the aeronautic supply industry.

The aerospace industry is highly rated right across the globe – not only because it helps us cross distances in the shortest of times, but also because it acts as a motor for global economic growth. The sector stands out for its strong commitment to research and has largely kept negative trends, life cycles and global turbulence at arm’s length over the last few years.

Thanks to dynamic growth and the transformation of the industry, the Austrian aviation sector – including suppliers, maintenance and repair specialists, technology firms and many other service providers – has become increasingly important. The majority of the firms classified as belonging to the sector are suppliers, and parts from Austria can now be found in almost every aeroplane in the world.

Indeed, the Austrian aviation industry is considered a major contributor to the economy. It has an export ratio of some 72%, with Europe and the USA amongst the most important target markets. Between 2009 and 2014, the 9,200 employees working in the aeronautics industry managed to increase turnover by a total of 40%. The sector is considered to have a bright future: Austrian suppliers are well positioned to react quickly to new technological requirements – setting new standards in the process.