Out-of-court arbitral procedures under the auspices of the VIAC ensure quick and cost efficient settlement of international disputes.

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber established the VIAC (Vienna International Arbitral Centre) in 1975 to provide contractual parties with one of the world’s best renowned international arbitration institutions for the settlement of international trade disputes. Arbitration proceedings are administered by the VIAC in accordance with its own rules of arbitration (Vienna Rules) provided the parties to the dispute have agreed to them. The arbitral proceedings are individually designed according to the parties’ requirements and meet the highest quality criteria.

To even better meet the needs of our users, the Vienna Rules are available, besides the authentic German and English version, in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish and Chinese. Translations into Korean and Arabian are being prepared. The VIAC-website can be visited in 8 languages.

The currently valid version of the Vienna Rules applies to all procedures at the VIAC initiated since 30 June 2013. The VIAC has access to a large network of leading arbitrators who are familiar with the Vienna Rules. Since its establishment, VIAC has administered over 1500 procedures, which makes it one of the most experienced arbitration institutions. Austria adopted the model legislation of UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) as arbitration law in 2006 with minor changes thus ensuring that the lex arbitri is in conformity with international standards.