Harald ALGE, ABC President (2020-)

dear respected members of the Austrian Business Council (ABC),
dear visitors of the ABC website,

It is an honor to be elected as new president of the ABC in Japan. As I commence this term, I would like to take a moment to thank my predecessor Peter Aldrian for his leadership and achievements during the past 8 years.

Global transformations in industry, mobility and information technology are accelerating. In many areas we are experiencing rapid changes due to developments in digitization, artificial intelligence and robotics. Japan is a technology leader in many of these areas, and the rapid changes are providing opportunities for collaboration between Austrian companies and Japanese or foreign companies located in Japan.

Existing simultaneously with these technological changes is the rich history and culture of Japan. Long-held traditions and rituals have a large influence on modern society. Japan also appreciates European culture, helping form a bridge between these two different societies, a bridge of mutual appreciation of the beauty and importance of art and craftsmanship.

In Japanese society, long and stable relationships are the foundation of life, private as well as business. With trusted relationships, open and honest communication is possible, whereas in the absence of such trust, a kind distance becomes necessary, making communication vague and difficult to read. Especially for newcomers, Japan is a challenging business environment that requires learning and adaptation to be successful.

I look forward to welcoming you to our business community at one of our events or activities. In addition to our experts providing professional support and assistance, our community shares information and leverages individual experience for the benefit of all members.

I am convinced that strong relationships and trust will continue to be the basis for successful business relationships in Japan.

Sincerely yours,
Harald Alge

Former ABC presidents

2012 – 2020
2008 – 2012
Kurt E. Sieber