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The Business of Noh

8 February 2018 @ 9:00 - 12:30

The next installation of the ABC’s “Business of…” seminar/excursion series is dedicated to one of Japan’s most ancient and yet mysterious art forms – NOH. Difficult to grasp for foreigners even those veterans who have lived her for long time, the adherence to certain structures and play forms as well as the use of outdated Japanese makes it difficult to understand.

In the Business of Noh we will not only have the Noh master explaining in English but also telling us more about the business side of Noh. What are the financial costs and risks involved in Noh performances? Stage and actor costs? What and how do sponsors get engaged? What about the income side of a performance?

The Noh master guiding us through this seminar will be Naohiko UMEWAKA, Ph.D. His family lineage in the art of Noh dates back more than 600 years. Despite these strong roots in the history of Noh, Mr. Umewaka is known as progressive and ready to experiment with the traditional forms to contemporary tastes. Learn more about Mr. Umewaka at his website.

The excursion will lead us to Konno Hachimangu Shrine, close to the Hikarie building in Shibuya. The shrine has its own Noh stage in the courtyard of the srhine. Due to the expected cold wheather, we will just have a short introduction outside – done by Mr. Joni Waka, an art curator often working with the shrine and also with Austrian theaters and performers.

The main event will be the introduction to the shrine at 9.30am, followed by indoor explanation of Noh, some short performances to demonstrate some Noh techniques, the discussion of the business side of Noh and ample time for Q&A. The seminar part will conclude around 11.30.

– 9.00am: a morning prayer together with the shrine priests in the inner sanctuary of the shrine. The prayer for good fortune is delivered also to regular shrine visitors and will be in Japanese only. Feel free to attend, it will be approx. 20minutes.
– 11.30am: joint o-bento lunch networking inside the shrine with the Noh master, shrine representatives, etc.

February 8, 2018, Thursday

9:00am special morning prayer (optional)
9:30am introduction to the shrine, then seminar start
11:30am end of seminar and start optional o-bento lunch networking until approx. 12:30am

Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine in Shibuya

Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine

Participation Fee:
JPY 2.000 for event only
additional JPY 2.500 for the optional o-bento lunch networking

Please find the event flyer HERE!

Business of Noh – Photo Gallery

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8 February 2018
9:00 - 12:30
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