Austrian company SFL technologies is supplying the spectacular glass facade for the new World Trade Center Tower One in New York.

An Austrian company has reeled in a prestigious order in the USA. After the original supplier from England dropped out, SFL technologies (SFL) is now supplying the glass facade for the new World Trade Center in New York. The glass elements for one of America’s most important landmarks should be delivered by November, after which the first tower – World Trade Center Tower One – will be completed.

The facade elements consist of sophisticated glass which changes colour depending on the angle, in the same way you see a rainbow when looking through a prism. The elements for the facade will be produced in Austria and delivered by air to New York in stages, in order to meet the schedule. The order is the company’s most spectacular project to date.

Within the past two decades, SFL has grown from a locksmith business into an industrial manufacturer and works in eight specialised areas: plant construction, mechanical engineering, facade construction, steel construction, lighting technology, energy technology, e-mobility and glass technology. The company handles everything from the individual planning, design and production of the components through to delivery and installation. SFL has over 800 employees in Austria, Hungary and Romania.